We've been helping businesses grow online for over 10 years.

2003 // A simple beginning.

Jimmyweb was started by two mates, Jimmy and Ken, working after hours and on weekends, designing and building websites for a select handful of clients. Some of those clients are still actively using Jimmyweb today - clients like Baillie Lodges and Tessuti Fabrics. Back then, website launches were far between, but we celebrated each and every one.

2009 // The big step.

Spurred on by a growing list of encouraging clients we left our jobs to make Jimmyweb our fulltime endeavour. We moved into our new office at 99 York Street, Sydney on the 2nd February, 2009 and within a year had hired our first developer. We've been growing cautiously ever since - always with a mind on how we can best serve our clients.

Now // Building on experience.

Today, Jimmyweb is a tight-knit team of energetic web developers with a passion for getting great results. Jimmy has since moved on to other projects, but Ken has continued to build Jimmyweb by surrounding himself with talented developers that have the right mix of experience, technical knowledge and strategic thinking.

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We're big enough to get things done.
Small enough to still care about every client.

Jimmyweb - A Sydney Web Development Agency
Jimmyweb - A Sydney Web Development Agency
Jimmyweb - A Sydney Web Development Agency
Jimmyweb - A Sydney Web Development Agency
Jimmyweb - A Sydney Web Development Agency

Meet the team.

"Jimmyweb did a great job with our website. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build an online shop."

− Rui Zhou, Love Handbags

"Jimmyweb's work building our website was completed to budget, timelines, and with open, clear communication – and good humour (always important)."

− Penny Rafferty, Luxury Lodges of Australia

"Working with Jimmyweb on our website redesign project was just about as easy and stress-free a project like this should be."

− Rachel Pirie, Staywell Hospitality Group

"Thank you for everything Ken; don't know how I would have managed without your enthusiasm and professionalism - much appreciated!"

− Lisa Makiiti, Bowker Beach House

People We Recommend.

The Jimmyweb Network

Over the years, we've been fortunate enough to meet, work with and be inspired by some very talented people. From software and application developers, other designers and search engine marketing specialists to amazingly talented copywriters and new-media marketers. Chances are, if you need a service that we don't provide, we've met and can recommend someone who is a specialist and is great at what they do.

Our Core Values

We are Friendly.

We're committed to guiding you through the process of creating a website, one step at a time, in a friendly and relaxed manner. Most importantly, we really enjoy what we do, and hopefully it shows.

We are Passionate.

We have a good understanding of the changing world of web design and web development, and we really enjoy learning new techniques and are passionate about applying best practice to all of our work.

We are Experienced.

The experience and expertise we've gained in the web design and development industry over the years allow us to give our clients solid honest advice and deliver highy effective, tangible online results.

We are Communicators.

We encourage and remind the whole team to communicate well with our clients. We stay in regular contact with our clients through-out a project and explain in clear, easy-to-understand terms the design and development process.

"No lock-ins, now or ever!"

We are Genuine.

We use open-source solutions and employ web standards in all projects. This means you are not locked in to working with us and you can easily find a replacement. Of course, we work hard to make sure you won't ever need to!

If you’re not happy with our service in the future, you'll be able to find another developer who can take over and work on your website. Open-source means that any web developer can build on your website and develop new features for it. Some web development agencies want you to use their custom built CMS, essentially locking you in to using them forever, making it difficult to leave. Other developers can't build on to their CMS, so you're stuck with them (regardless of price or quality of service).

Essentially, in order to keep working with you, we aim to provide excellent on-going service. It's that simple.